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Jump the gap to faster growth

Marginally elevates the foundation of your consulting business. Deliver your projects quickly with less waste and happier clients. We worry about margin so you don't have to ( much).

Built for consulting from the ground up

Marginally works with your process and makes it smoother. Deliver any project of any complexity, and measure your success when it's all over.


Client Relationship Management. Accelerate the lifecycle of every client, from your anchor clients to your future anchor clients.

Time and Materials

Scope, sell, and deliver Time and Materials projects. No hassle needed, we've captured all the edge cases.


Easily scope and deliver milestone/deliverable based projects. Keep your internal estimates to improve future results.

Reduce Time Loss

Integrates with common tools to validate time entries against real time spent on meetings, code written, documents updated, and more

Zero-click Project Reports

Deliver beautiful and comprehensive project reports to your clients, and see who's reading them.

Secure & Audited

Your data is securely siloed, audited, and tracked. Watch every hour from entry to invoice.

Deliver better projects.

Reduce stress, increase client happiness, and grow your margin.