Timesheets suck

But Marginally is here to help. Increase your timesheet accuracy, on time rate, and employee satisfaction with our outbound time tracking service using text, email, or Slack.


Your employees aren't logging all their time

And it's costing you money. Marginally lets them record time more often and more accurately. You'll find out in hours not days if employees don't have anything to work on. Lightweight and accurate, timesheets suck a lot less for everyone.

Quick Facts

Cost Effective

At just $30 a month per employee, Marginally makes sense.

Time Saver

Save your employees an average of 15 minutes a week.

Impressive ROI

Get a 2.5x ROI at $75/hr in time savings alone, and it only goes up from there.

Easy to Use

Marginally requires no install or training, so your employees will be experts by tomorrow. It's practically magic

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